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Tahlia Sage BSc., CNP

Department(s): Faculty

Tahlia Sage is a graduate of The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and is the founder of Sweet & Savoury Health. Overcoming her own health challenges and weight loss journey prompted Tahlia to pursue an education in nutritional science and holistic nutrition.  In her private practice, Tahlia helps clients achieve their wellness goals by embracing healing foods and lifestyle changes one informed step at a time.  As a wellness educator and nutrition coach, Tahlia’s professionalism is balanced with a sense of humour, where she helps her clients become empowered and feel connected with their health throughout the healing process. Applying a holistic approach to nutrition coaching has enabled Tahlia to reach a global client base. Tahlia’s intimate knowledge and experiences with holistic nutrition, passion for phytonutrients and delicious foods have also led to successful partnerships with local companies such as Naked Coconut and Finlandia Natural Pharmacy. There are a few places you can find Tahlia in her spare time. Tahlia is an active participant with a number of non-profit organizations, such as, Herbalist Without Borders, Dress for Success, and Crabtree Corner, bringing wellness to people in need. You will also find her gathering fresh produce at farmer’s markets, cooking up new recipes in the kitchen or sharing wellness inspirations on her blog sweetandsavouryhealth. Tahlia teaches Nutrition through the Lifespan and Nutritional Symptomatology Part 1 at Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Online program.

NLS010 Nutrition through the Lifespan

Nutrition Through the Lifespan addresses macro and micronutrient needs based on the lifespan model. A healthy nutritional status is vital throughout every stage, supporting pregnancy outcomes, growth, and aging. This comprehensive course begins with the foundations of essential nutrients for fertility and pregnancy; pediatrics including lactation with particular attention to infant feeding in the first year; navigating childhood nutritional demands; to adolescence including allergies and disorders as they relate to the repercussions of nutritional deficiencies. Early adulthood, midlife and mature adulthood for women’s and men’s health is explored, adding lifestyle and environmental factors that contribute to optimal health at each life stage. Support for nutritional challenges faced in geriatric nutrition round out the program. This course introduces students to the etiology and symptoms of common health conditions that are a key determinant of nutritional status. Evaluations through tests and case studies examine individualized dietary requirements, giving students the insight and ability to design optimal nutrition, supplement and lifestyle guidance for clients throughout their stages of life.

Learning Objectives:
• To understand nutritional choices impact overall health and vitality, for all age groups and their related conditions
• Students will develop protocols that include dietary, detox, supplementation and lifestyle recommendations at all stages
• To gain an understanding of the significant nutritional needs for optimal pregnancy, growth, and development
• To analyze and address contributing factors in the elimination of food allergies and intolerances, particularly for children

• Address the imperative nature of optimal digestive health, at all stages

Nutrition Through the Lifespan contributes to keen insights into the lifespan model to address conditions and imbalances. Using a case study approach, this course is highly applicable, giving students the opportunity to research and develop key protocols for diverse age ranges.

NS 003 Nutritional Symptomatology Part I

Nutritional Symptomatology Part 1 introduces students to the foundations of clinical nutrition by interpreting physiological symptoms and their relationships to nutritional deficiencies, excesses and toxicities. This course introduces the interrelationships of nutrients and the critical role they play in determining optimal health. Students will develop foundational, as well as condition specific, protocols to restore the body’s balance. This course trains students to understand how physiological symptoms reflect and determine an individual’s nutritional status. Concepts taught include the essential principles of biochemical individuality through i.e. genetics, environment, microbiome, to see each client, and themselves, as truly unique. Students are taught to produce, and are evaluated on, the completion of clinical case study sets.

Learning Outcomes:

• Gain insight into physiological symptoms associated with nutrient deficiency
• Develop professional food, supplement, lifestyle and detox protocols as they relate to specific clinical symptoms
• Learn detailed explanations of underlying causes of disease and their relationship to food from a cellular to systems perspective
• Understand how to develop comprehensive strategies with a focus on natural remedies for resolving common and complex issues

Nutritional Symptomatology Part 1 explores the process of holding consultations using a variety of practitioner-level assessment tools to move clients towards favourable outcomes. Students learn the critical role that biochemical individuality plays in determining results-based personalized nutrition.