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Application Requirements

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To be eligible for entry, applicants must meet the following application requirements:

  • Accredited High School Diploma OR Mature Student Status (minimum 21 years of age) OR Canadian Adult Achievement Test-Level D (CAAT-Level D) OR Certificate of Graduation or equivalent OR Post-secondary documentation
  • Completed IHN-On-Line Enrolment Contract
  • An autobiography (2-3 pages typed and doubled-spaced about yourself and your interest in this field)
  • Program Advising Session/Application Meeting
  • English Language Proficiency, when necessary
  • Non-refundable tuition deposit/enrollment fee
  • Government Issued Photo Identification *All documentation is to be emailed to

If you are ready to begin your application to Institute of Holistic Nutrition Online and become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, you can book a call with a program advisor to learn more and get started.

Application Form LIVE Online Program
Application Form SELF PACED Online Program

Advanced Standing

Applicants with credits from an accredited post-secondary educational Institution may be exempt from certain health science courses only provided that these courses meet Institute of Holistic Nutrition Online’s standards, including: Human Anatomy / Physiology – HAP01, Biological Chemistry – BC001, (Organic Chemistry) Body Metabolism – BM002, (Biochemistry). Students who seek advanced standing must apply to a program advisor with official transcripts.

Official transcripts must be submitted before the commencement of the program in order for a tuition reduction to be processed for exemptions granted. Transcripts submitted after the commencement of the program will result in no tuition refund.

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