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Here’s What Our Graduates Have to Say

I really wanted to share with you just how much the wonderful teachers/staff at IHN have inspired and motivated me to find my new career path. I’m thrilled to say I found the most meaningful job and work in the most compassionate Not For Profit organization.

Tanja Pereira, CNP Graduate

IHN has exceeded my expectations and gave me a voice in the world of Holistic Nutrition and Health and Wellness.

Joseph Martino, current student

Studying at IHN has given me the knowledge and skills to leave no rock unturned when it comes to mine, my families and most importantly, my clients’ health and wellness needs.

Diana Quartarone CNP Graduate

We can make a real change, and we will.

Ashley Anderson, CNP Graduate

IHN for me was a unique blend of science and tradition. It was an experience that invigorated my desire to know and understand more in order to help myself and others to live with, and safeguard our greatest treasure, our health!

Jeffery Singh CNP Graduate

Attending IHN was a life changing experience for me. The teachers were so
full of knowledge. I wish I could take this entire program over again to
relive the whole experience.

Lubna Raja, IHN Graduate

I feel like I am a part of a family.

Marguerite Buchannan, CNP Graduate

What’s great about the instructors here is they actually live these lifestyles and know from experience.

Heather Allen, CNP Graduate

Being with likeminded people with the same ideologies was so important to me, as IHN’s philosophies resonated with uncommon truths that made my experience an extraordinary one.

Debbie Dunn, CNP Graduate

With over 30 years of experience in the corporate world (in the field of engineering/IT), after discovering my love for Holistic Nutrition, I finally felt like IHN was where I was supposed to be – a place that would allow me to combine my passion and profession at last. Our dedicated, well-qualified instructors with years of industry experience under their belt created the perfect learning environment, optimizing each student’s learning potential. The combination of well-selected assignments, exams and case studies really helped us understand concepts and prepare us for their practical application. This program has taught me the importance of loving our bodies. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves – they just need to be given the right tools to work their miracles. These years at IHN have been eye-opening and transformative.

Syed Samdani, IHN Alumni

IHN allows me to be me, just me!

Shane Griffin, CNP Graduate

Each and every course that I’ve taken has been beyond my expectations.

Michelle McLeod, CNP Graduate

Attending IHN was a life-changing experience. Not only did it give me a platform, and upon completion, accreditation to become a professional member of the Health Care field, it also increased my desire to explore other health care options; including becoming a Doula and a Herbalist. I’ve made lifelong friends at IHN, and to this day I can count on my colleagues to provide insight/perspective into client cases I find challenging.

Sabrina Morris, CNP Graduate

I went deeper with my learning and my understanding of health and it took me to a completely different level.

Alexandra Gellman, CNP Graduate

Right from my very first day of Fundamentals of Nutrition, I was so impressed with my instructor. His lesson delivery and knowledge base was stellar. He set the bar high and paved the way for the rest of my two years. Each instructor that followed met that bar. The learning was intense but well worth it, giving me the knowledge and confidence I needed to move forward as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Mark Simms, CNP Graduate

I can help people from a place of knowing instead of a place of only believing.

Natalie Niddam, CNP Graduate

Definitely a life changing experience.

Amanda Filipowitz, CNP Graduate

It was an eye opener.

DR. Josef Krop, CNP Graduate

Majority of us here I think found ourselves here desperate for answers.

Kinga Kaleta, CNP Graduate

IHN for me has been one of the most wonderful journeys I have ever taken.

Helen Papaconstantinou, CNP Graduate

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