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Petra Sovcov CH

Department(s): Faculty

Petra Sovcov is a Clinical Herbal Therapist and graduate of Dominion Herbal College. She is the owner of Healing House Natural Wellness Centre and also works at the Finlandia Health Centre and Naturopathic Clinic in Vancouver, BC. Petra is an active member of Herbalists Without Borders International (HWB) and directs the HWB Chapter and Free People’s Clinic for Vancouver. Additionally, she is a primary contributor for Home Herbalist Magazine (USA and Canada), writing the monthly “Ask an Herbalist” article, which allows readers to have their health questions answered by a clinical herbalist. Petra is passionate about promoting an individual’s healing path and enjoys enriching a person’s core wellness with the use of herbs and nutrition. She believes that health and healing should not be something afforded solely to those with the financial means to seek help, but rather that the knowledge of taking responsibility for one’s own healing is a basic human right. Apart from clinic and teaching, Petra is an avid gardener and sustainable small-scale food producer. She enjoys teaching out of her gardens at Healing House and finds great meaning in sharing the message of sustainability with others. She is passionate about heritage edible plants and domestic history, which she believes hold the solutions for the modern food crisis. Petra teaches Nutrition and the Environment at Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Online program.

NE009 Nutrition And The Environment
Based on an underlying philosophy that environments maintain and promote health and that individuals have a right to self-determination and self-knowledge, this course will present nutrition principles which promote health and prevent disease. Topics will consider the safety of our food supply, naturally occurring and environmental toxins in foods, microbes and food poisoning.