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Julia Rickert CNP NNCP/ROHP

Department(s): Faculty

Julia is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) and a First Class honours graduate of The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She combines her strategic marketing and communications skills with her nutrition and orthomolecular knowledge to bring a dynamic dimension to the program’s global objective to make holistic nutrition a lifestyle standard. Julia teaches an exclusive module at IHN’s Toronto and Mississauga campuses and consults with Ottawa and Vancouver campuses on a syllabus which is part of IHN’s Professional Practice curriculum. Her lecture includes CV development, professional behaviour and language in clinical practice, negotiating career opportunities and launching independent initiatives, an in-depth review of the industry’s educational standards bodies and the provincial and federal regulatory landscape governing CNPs in Canada. Julia’s eclectic, unusual and challenging teaching style on the controversial subject of freedom of choice in medicine and food rights always ends in the fundamental message of self-determination, respect of the individual and the power held within every holistic practitioner to evolve our communities—one person at a time. Dedicated to advancing the reputation of IHN’s alumni and graduating students, Julia manages the program’s co-operative education placement department, develops the weekly guest speaker lecture series, initiates career platforms for graduates and students, markets the advanced continuing education courses, produces IHN’s international alumni online presence, and acts as a catalyst for all CNPs in need of support in any area of their practice, in any part of the world. When not teaching or developing programs for IHN, she parallels her passion to protect individual’s rights by working as the Executive Coordinator and National Campaign Director for the Natural Health Products Protection Association. This well-respected Canadian activist group campaigns against federal government policies and laws that disallow the public and practitioners their right to use alternative natural medicines of their choice. Julia teaches Professional Practice at Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Online program.

PP 001 Professional Practice

Professional Practice explores the foundational practices and concepts to succeed in a professional work environment. This course aims to equip students with tools, skills and best practices to excel in the field of holistic nutrition with a strong focus on practicing in private clinical practice settings. Emphasis is placed on legal framework, language, marketing techniques, social media applications, defining goals, consulting skills, time management, client relationships, building rapport, and professionalism. Professional Practice builds on the communication skills taught in Professional Skills Development. Initiatives for working locally and internationally; in-person and virtually; on individual and group programs; in print and public broadcast medias; independently or in clinic with regulated professionals are discussed. Essential topics like launching, operating, and scaling business ventures are reviewed. Defining professional fees for protocols and programs is a significant learning outcome in this course.

Learning Objectives:
• Write and develop an effective business proposal to establish a new venture or expand an existing one.
• Provide insight on accountability to clients, confidentiality, compassion, creating non-judgemental spaces and professional boundaries
• Taking risks, discipline, motivation, creativity, autonomy and building confidence are all part of the course material
• Learn the best practices of networking from IHN’s alumni and community leaders in natural health
• Learn the profession’s standards and guidelines associated with curating and managing a successful nutrition practice
• Explore the various modalities and business models and methods to determine a unique client avatar
• Learn how to create a media kit, powerful resumes and how to approach brands for collaborative opportunities
• The role of advocacy in, and for, our profession

Professional Practice
 is designed to encourage both personal and professional growth. It gives students the resources to consider how they will contribute to the profession’s growth and elevate the legitimacy of the field as a whole. Graduates will have a strong base understanding of how to develop effective nutrition consulting skills, within their niche, anywhere in the world. This course stresses the power of one’s vision and mission to hold a unique space in the field. It defines the importance of structure and solid processes to complete tasks. Two critical focal points of the syllabus rest on attaining optimal client health outcomes and how to thrive as a reputable and recognized holistic nutrition professional.