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Deborra Cameron, RN

Department(s): Faculty

Following a 15 year career in nursing, Deborra began to explore the phenomena of ‘energy’ and its relationship to the human body. Achieving her reflexology certification two years later, Deborra discovered a compelling link between the soles of the feet and the soul of the person she was connecting with; thus her ‘Sole to Soul Holistics’ business was born in 1996.  Through her Intuitive Reflexology sessions, Deborra was detecting that negative emotions were directly related to the illnesses and health issues she was treating with reflexology. Sensing something was still missing, the next piece she sought was revealed when she began her study and practice of Qi Gong. As a gifted international speaker, teacher and counsellor, Deborra has been transforming people’s lives with her Emotional Blueprint Program. Her practical, proven system for success has helped individuals and couples achieve the healthful and productive state of mind, body and spirit they deserve. Deborra is passionate about helping her clients become more energetic, positive, and productive in their work and home life. She is intuitive, insightful, and invested in the people she has helped to overcome the roadblocks to a better life. Deborra teaches The Psychology of Disease at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Online Campus.

POD012 Psychology of Disease

The Psychology of Disease offers an introduction to the field of Energy Medicine. This well investigated branch of integrative and alternative medicine studies how biological, social and psychological factors influence health and illness. This course introduces students to the fundamental premise that our physical body demonstrably corresponds to our psychology. The energy of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs can express themselves as matter in the form of a condition or disease.
Students explore the energy centres of the body; the chakra system to understand how the body speaks through its own vocabulary. Its language is physical signs and symptoms that are tied to memories, environment or experiences, energetically creating an imbalance. The course looks at how chakras conduct the ten major systems of the body, particularly the endocrine system, and how increasing awareness of one’s thought patterns can inhibit or assist our health and our ability to achieve balance.
The Psychology of Disease is a unique course of personal self-development from self-knowledge and self-awareness that will inform future practitioners how to guide their clients to look for clues surrounding their health and work to unpack energetic blockages for deep healing.
Students will be taught and evaluated on introductory principles of energy medicine such as the biology of belief, therapeutic applications of subtle energies, the chakra system, as well as assignments to learn strategies that manifest wellness including the profound impact of food.

Learning Outcomes

• Understand the physical, mental, and spiritual connections to health and illness
• How to identify thought patterns and belief systems that contribute to disease/health imbalances
• Be able to confidently provide recommendations for reframing stressors to shift perspectives, that can positively shift health outcomes
• Awareness of traditional and contemporary energy medicine modalities and techniques to build into one’s practice
• Getting out of the way of, and trusting your intuition
• Discernment around how and when to discuss the purpose of disease and the language of illness with clients

The Psychology of Disease is a personal development course that combines well-established mainstream science in chemistry and biology with quantum physics evidence that shows us there is no difference between energy and matter. Whether students look at chakras as literal places in the body, or metaphoric ones, this course will increase self-awareness to activate mind/body connections that optimize healing. Energy Medicine is at the forefront of driving curiosity to acknowledge and provide practitioners with the opportunity to learn how nature organizes itself, at all levels, for the greatest impact to healing.