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Candace Bell BA (Hons), CNP (Hons)

Department(s): Faculty

Candace holds a degree in fine arts and is a graduate of The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She is both a visual artist and the founder of Holistic-as-Heck nutritional consulting. Her mission is to share the dramatic impact that diet and lifestyle can have on overall health, both mental and physical. With a big focus on digestive wellness, Candace teaches that how you eat can be just as important as what you eat. With dietary restrictions being an ever-shifting constant in her life, Candace has become a Kitchen Witch, skilled at adapting and creating recipes. For years she has facilitated Educational Dinner Parties in private homes, and has taught cooking classes and workshops in stores, homes, cafés, and schools throughout the greater Toronto area. Food ethics are especially important to her, and she has a special love for fermentation and incorporating herbal medicine. Candace’s approach is education-based. She loves getting people excited about reclaiming their personal power and creating total wellness. She specializes in delicious concoctions, self-empowering re-education, a noisy enthusiasm for eating, giggly times, and cheesy rhymes. Candace teaches Holistic Food Preparation and Comparative Diets at Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Online program.

HFP04 Holistic Food Preparation
The kitchen is the unique laboratory where pure, natural and whole ingredients are transformed into healthful, vibrant dishes. Hands-on experience in preparation of breakfast “power-drinks”, nourishing soups, simple one-pot dishes and several Ayurvedic food items brings another dimension to the holistic curriculum.

Emphasis is on proper preparation of grains through soaking, sprouting or fermentation and choice of healthy un-processed oils and fats to preserve and enhance nutritional value of foods. Raw foods, fermented condiments and other high enzyme preparations will be explored.

All cooking classes are vegetarian.

CD011 Comparative Diets
This course provides a holistic model methodology in evaluating principles of food dynamics, nutrient proportions, holistic individuality, the law of opposites, food combining, and more. Students learn and assess the many therapeutic benefits and limitations of several alternative diet approaches, including: modern diets (intermittent fasting, macrobiotics), food combining (colour-therapy/rainbow diet), high protein diets (Ketogenic, Paleo), Vegetarian approaches (plant-based/vegetarian/vegan variations, fruitarian, raw food), as well as cleansing and detoxification diets (caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine detoxes, juice fasts). With the knowledge gained in this course, students will be able to identify individual’s dietary imbalances, and analyze macronutrient proportions to design custom health-promoting diets and lifestyle programs.