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Angelo Greco CNP, RNCP

Department(s): Faculty

Angelo has been a Certified and Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner for over eight years. He has been employed in the field of natural health products for over eight years. The interest in nutritional supplementation and how it affects the body has been an ongoing passion for Angelo, particularly in the area of sports supplements and human performance. Angelo is always up-to-date with the latest research on effective supplement strategies, as well as nutrient timing, so his clients receive the most accurate and correct information available. Angelo also loves to educate by providing nutritional seminars for various companies such as Bayer, Royal Bank of Canada, The Running Room and other various fitness institutions. He has also made radio and television appearances for the Latin American radio station; AM 1610 and the Telelatino Network (TLN), an Italian and Spanish television station. His tireless commitment to helping and educating others about nutrition is what Angelo thrives on. Angelo runs a private nutritional consulting practice, Advanced Nutritional Systems, creating individualized nutritional plans for people who live active lifestyles. Angelo teaches Fitness and Sports Nutrition at Institute of Holistic Nutrition’s Online program.

FSN013 Fitness & Sports Nutrition

Fitness and Sports Nutrition is the practical application of Body Metabolism. This course focuses on methods where nutrition maximizes muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility through building muscle and reducing fat. Techniques for guiding athletes in proper nutrition, and healthy eating patterns, are taught as well as effective methods to decrease fatigue, prevent dehydration and sports-related injuries due to insufficient nutrient levels. Students are taught leading and diverse methods and techniques in optimizing sports performance based on specific macronutrient and micronutrient needs for high intensity and long duration exercise. Students are evaluated through a research-based case study and learn how to implement nutritional timing methods to maximize the client’s ability to condition for, perform and recover, for continued self-improvement to live an active lifestyle.

Learning Outcomes:

• Calculate energy requirements as it pertains to exercise and body composition
• To recognize and critically analyze the safety and efficacy of the physiological effects of sports supplements
• To understand how anabolic steroids work and their detrimental effects on health
• Gain insight into macronutrient, micronutrient, antioxidant and energy metabolism during exercise
• Understand how stress levels, sleep, mental and emotional wellness contribute to maximizing performance

Fitness and Sports Nutrition provides practitioners key insights into nutrient metabolism and absorption to elevate training and sports performance. This course teaches students to develop nutrition protocols as fuel for vigorous activity levels with thorough integration of physiology, biochemistry, anatomy, energy balance, and caloric calculations.