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Online Continuing Education

Welcome to our Online Continuing Education Certificate Courses 2021

They are a wonderful way to upgrade your skills and keep abreast of current trends, research and applications in Holistic Nutrition. These courses qualify in meeting all upgrading requirements for both the IONC and CANNP. Institute of Holistic Nutrition Online’s doors are warmly open to all Holistic Nutritionists as well as other professional practitioners working in the diverse and exciting field of alternative and traditional medicine. We look forward to sharing an enlightening and enriching on online experience. General participants with a strong interest in these advanced Holistic Nutrition topics are also welcome to enroll.

Our Online Continuing Education Courses

Holistic Food Preparation—Around The World CEHFP

Instructor: Eva Cabaca M.Ed., CNP

In this post grad six session course, we will embark on an exploration of the possibilities to present world famous cuisines in a holistic way. All dishes will be fully vegan and completely free of processed ingredients. We will immerse in creative processes, concepts and ideas, and craft truly unique delicacies that will adhere to both holistic principles and world traditions. We will pay attention to detail,

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Fermentation Foundations—Traditions & Trends CEFFT

Instructor: Kathrin Brunner, CNP

This comprehensive four session course will teach you how to ferment a wide variety of foods including fermented drinks, vegetables, hot sauces, vinegars and condiments. Each week you’ll ferment along with us step-by-step. Each session will explore different kinds of fermented foods and their health benefits. You’ll learn how to create flavours you love and how to best integrate these foods into your diet for optimal health.

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Applied Iridology In Professional Practice CECIP

Instructor: Robert Tomilson R.BIE, RNCP

Iridology is an accurate, non-invasive method of health analysis through the examination of the iris. The iris consists of tiny nerve fibres known as trabecula that reveal the body’s constitution, inherent weakness, level of health and the transitions that take place in a person’s body according to the way he or she lives. This Dynamic, Comprehensive Certification course offers an in-depth array of iris analysis techniques such as German Constitutional iris analysis,

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Homeopathy For Beginners CEHFB

Instructor: Edith Kunszt CNP, RNCP, ROHP, DiHom

This course offers abundant information about the practical applications of homeopathic principles and the utilization of the Twelve Cell Salts of Dr. W. Schussler. Students will study 50 commonly used homeopathic remedies to address imbalances of digestion, headaches, colds, coughs, allergies, female issues and first aid situations. The history and method of preparation and the utilization of Schussler cell salts will be covered in detail.

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Naturally Designed Pregnancy & Early Childhood CEPEC

Instructor: Alexandra Hurtado BA, CNP, ND

This eight-session course focuses on our body’s natural ability to design and nurture a growing baby. We examine a number of key reasons the body deals with infertility, how to track fertility and enhance it. We look at supplementation, what is safe and what is not. We examine each trimester; look at labour and delivery of a healthy newborn and finally, the stages of feeding.

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Nutrition & Mental Health CENMH

Instructor: Melissa Blackburn Borg CNP, RNCP, ROHP

This course is designed to help practitioners effectively address mental health issues from a holistic perspective. Participants will examine the roles of diet, nutrients, environment and lifestyle as they relate to mental wellness, as well as the 20 key contributors to mental health issues that can be addressed holistically. Mental health issues that will be explored include anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia.

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Understanding Genetics For Improving Health Outcomes CEUGH

Instructor: Dr. Rahul Kushwah BSc. (Honours) Ph.D.

This course is intended to provide the tools that holistic nutritionists can use to deliver personalized healthcare to their clients, catered to their genetic makeup. Genetics plays a very robust role in nutrition, detoxification, weight loss and overall health and wellness. Genetics can be used not only to improve the health of the clients but also to develop DNA based nutritional plans that can potentially prevent the development of chronic diseases.

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Applied Endocrinology CEHAE

Instructor: Linda Bazinet BSc, MSc

In this seven-session course, we will focus on hormones and their role in health and disease. Hormones are important in controlling all body activities including growth, metabolism, coping with stress, sleep cycles, digestion and reproduction. Some hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, melatonin and DHEA are commonly supplemented while others can be stimulated by appropriate nutrition. Many diseases are directly or indirectly affected by hormones including diabetes,

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Advanced Herbal Therapeutics CEAHT

Instructor: Susan Elliotson RH

Herbal Therapeutics looks deeply into disease conditions likely to be met in today’s world. Knowledge of advanced research along with well-established, traditional uses of plants will allow for participants to compound complete protocols for any illness, whether chronic or acute, even if never before encountered. Participants will be involved in discussion of real-life case studies and formulation of all aspects of treatment, with the emphasis on herbal combinations,

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Understanding Cannabis In Clinical Practice CEUCC

Instructor: Shawn Meirovici ND

Cannabis is now part of everyday conversation. Your friends, family and clients will be reading, talking and eventually asking you about it. This four week, eight session course will equip you with the knowledge and critical reasoning skills to confidently respond to inquiries concerning cannabis and be able to point your cannabis curious clients in the right direction. You will leave this course with a solid understanding of cannabis the herb,

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Supplementation In Clinical Practice CESCP

Instructor: Baljinder Chhoker BSc, ND, CST, BT

This course will focus on the supplements available on the market and how to determine what to use clinically. With so many supplement companies, similar looking products, what should be used when will be thoroughly covered. We will discuss appropriate products for common health conditions such as inflammation, cardiovascular disease and hormone imbalance, and decipher between the many similar formulations for each.

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Blood Sugar Management In Clinical Practice CEBSM

Instructor: Jill Hillhouse BPHE, CNP, RNT

This course will help both new and established practitioners understand the foundational importance of blood sugar management in their clients. This course will examine the entire spectrum of blood sugar imbalance from hypoglycaemia to insulin resistance and diabetes and how it impacts every organ system as well as its role in all the main chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and dementia.

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Herbal Pharmacology & Plant Based Medicine Making Intensive CEHPM

Instructor: Dr. Fiona Smulders B.Kin, ND

The practice of herbal medicine is both healing and transformative towards its practitioners and its patients. This four-day herbal intensive has been designed to deepen the Holistic Nutritionist’s knowledge of plant constituents, pharmacology, and medicine making using a fun and ‘hands-on-herbal’ approach. Building off of material from HM008, each session will focus on empowering your ability to formulate and create natural and effective herbal remedies for common clinical conditions right from home.

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Nutrition According To Traditional Chinese Medicine

Instructor: Olivier Barre PHD Biochemistry, TCM

This five session course provides students with a basic understanding of TCM principles and fundamental concepts. Students will learn to utilize the energetic properties of foods, by applying obtained insights into tastes, colours, herbs, and spices. By employing strategies involving concepts such as temperature properties, yin and yang constitutions, cooking methods (effects on food properties), pathologies and treatments, students will understand and be capable to personalized meal plan to restore/implement healthy energy within their client’s body.

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Jumpstart Your Clinical Nutrition Practice CECNP

Instructor: Dr. Jessica Eastman, ND

Becoming a successful practitioner is about finding your voice, aligning your practice with your authentic values, and confidently grounding into your knowledge and expertise. This weekend intensive is designed to bridge the gap between student and practitioner for nutrition professionals who are embarking on the journey to build a clinical practice. This course will focus on conducting initial visits, assessing client conditions and needs, building logical and effective treatment plans,

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Understanding Lab Diagnostics In Clinical Practice CEULD

Instructor: Dr. David Duizer, ND

As a holistic nutritionist, you have the knowledge and skills to develop powerful protocols for your clients. However, to make your assessment truly holistic, you must have an understanding of diagnostic and laboratory tests. These tests provide valuable insight into the unique state of each client and offer an objective measure of client progress. This course covers the basics of blood, urine and saliva testing, including tests for liver,

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Therapeutic Nutrition & Supplementation In Practice CETNS

Instructor: Vanessa Peacock BSc (Nutritional Medicine), RNCP/ROHP

This course helps practitioners make sense of the vast amount of research and public dialogue on therapeutic nutrition and supplementation. It is designed for health care practitioners interested in increasing their knowledge of using foods and supplements therapeutically. We will discuss the scientifically supported healing properties of each supplement and therapeutic/super food, their basic mechanism of action, and highlight the best evidence-based interventions for common health conditions they can improve and/or heal.

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Energy Medicine For Women CEEMW

Instructor: Angelika Bendrich CNP, Reiki Master

This course offers specific Energy Medicine tips and techniques for working with the female client. We focus on teaching your patient how to keep her energy flowing in healthy patterns as first resort, prevention of imbalance, restoration and maintenance of energy and hormonal balance. Receive hands-on healing exercises, practical energy medicine and intuitive development exercises. Whether you are interested in launching an energy healing practice or incorporate energy healing into the practice the curriculum offers in-depth,

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